Jan 28, 2010

A mother, a paintbrush, a brother and some ailments...

... in no particular order. These have been the things that have kept us busy throughout most of January, and busy we have been!

On the 14th my mom arrived at Schiphol Airport after 2 days of travelling. She was flying stand-by and was unable to get onto her connecting flight in Atlanta because it had been overbooked. I didn't like having to wait for her a whole other day, just as she didn't like having to ask a big black man called Fran├žois to give her a ride to a nearby hotel. But hey, we managed (and survived!). I'm loving having her here for the following reasons:
1. She brought me a bunch of American treats, and a whole lot of clothes (mostly for the kids! Yay!). I have to say thank you to Marissa for the clothes as well. They're wonderful!
2. She brought Mad Libs and we've been playing a lot of them.
3. I can talk to her all the time!
4. She doesn't mind babysitting while I'm off painting/seeing a movie/napping.
5. She cooks dinner. Yum.
6. We have adventures and laugh a lot :)
7. She's my mommy and I love her and miss her when she's not around!

This is an old photo but until I have some new pictures of all that painting that has been going on in the upstairs, this one will have to do! Just imagine me 5 months pregnant, and with white paint everywhere. We've had a few people come and help over the past week (thank you's to Loek, Emily, Marianne, Maarten, Lisa and Api!) and we were able to get SO much done. Basically all the walls and ceilings are now finished, including the staircase. Next up is all the woodwork, which I personally find more of a challenge... but with a little bit of luck a few more of my wonderful, beautiful, amazing and talented friends (if you feel this applies to you, you know what to do) will come over and lend a hand!

One thing is for certain: This baby tumbling about inside of me is not shy at ALL. It took the ultrasound technician exactly 0.15 seconds to find out if this baby would a)tie the score, or b)forever tip the scales in favor of the gals. So I am happy to report that come early June, we'll be welcoming a second little boy into our hectic home! We have balance again, Sander did the dance of joy, and I wasn't even surprised at the news. This pregnancy is exactly like the one with Max, and nothing like the ones with the girls.... score intuition!

Alright readers (that's me being overly optimistic about having more than one?), I'll go easy on you concerning the last topic to cover. Definitely no pictures, and I'll keep all descriptions down to a minimum. Suffice it to say that Lara and I spent a good 24 hours 'lightening our loads' and needed a lot of extra tender love and care! Then to top things off, I got another one of my infamous tooth aches and finally decided that enough was $#&#*$ enough! I googled my way into a new dentist's office and was actually treated really well! Something I'm not accustomed to when it comes to dentists. I bravely suffered through a root canal treatment and am happy to report: the pain has left the building. Maybe this will be the year for my teeth to shine like I've always known they were intended to! I think a celebration is in order.... this calls for one thing, and one thing only. Oh Yes. Steve Martin in a white coat. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of benson and mom, I hadn't seen that before! And i have never seen anyone look that cute in paint clothes :) We can't wait for our new little nephew!

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