Feb 15, 2010

music monday v0.2

Welcome back for the second feature of Music Monday! Today's theme is Youtube Discoveries, and I think I have a few gooduns for you. As the theme suggests these are musicians or bands that I have come across through Youtube and who use Youtube as a main way to present their new, and mostly independently funded, music to the masses. So without further ado and in no particular order, here they are!

1. Sophie Madeleine is a pretty British girl with a ukelele and an incredibly sweet voice and quite some songwriting talent.

2. Pomplamoose consists of the adorable couple Jack and Nataly who have the most scrumptious collection of covers and original songs on youtube you ever saw. They present their songs as videosongs, basically meaning that what you see is what you hear. They make me smile every time.

3. Josh Schurr started out on Youtube posting songs he recorded in his stairwell (something I'm no stranger to!) and I originally came across him after looking for a good cover of Joni Mitchell's 'A Case of You'. His is ah-may-zing and I think I might have a little crush on him. He also writes originals and has a lovely soothing voice.

4. Isto is Chris White and mr. White is quite a character. His songs and videos are worth watching and remembering for 2 reasons. First: his musical talent is incredible. He plays the guitar like he invented it and has a gorgeous deep, classic voice. Second: he is hilarious! He often uses little gimmicks like running away like a lunatic on speed the second the final note of the song has ended and his lyrics, well... have a listen for yourself.

That's the list! There are lots more but I have to keep my readers coming back for it now don't I?

To finish it off, a little plug: I put a new video up about a week ago. Hope you enjoy!

If you have any Youtube tips then by all means, please let me know in a comment! 
See you next week, music lovers.

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Anonymous said...

Youtubeland is full of amazing musicians! And thank you for bringing them to us through your blog.
That cute girl who sang Oasis was killa!

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