Feb 16, 2010

kicking the habit?

For those of you who are becoming worried about my seemingly neglected crocheting habit, I have here a picture of comfort. I'm still at it! Just have to take some time to take some semi-decent shots of the projects I have been working on. They're coming though, you may now exhale.

You see, my priorities have shifted somewhat over the past weeks, to this:

... and this:

... and many more fun things in the category of home improvement. Lara loved keeping me company while ironing her new curtains, which probably has something to do with the fact that I let her climb the ladder to get an even better view of the snowy surroundings outside.

This has got to be the whitest winter we've had in a few decades here in Holland. We've been loving it but yesterday, for the first time, I heard Julia say that she was done with the snow now and would like it to get warmer. Lara then continued musing on how come even though it was so cold, she never saw any icicles anywhere. She quickly decided to her contentment that icicles only grow in Friesland. (Fries (vries) = freeze)

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