Jan 13, 2010


... moms can't help but gush over their children, so here you go. I know he falls, it's sad! But he lived and is he cute or what?

And then he had a musical moment during Christmas! Awwww (yes, Julia is without underwear as usual, try to ignore!)

If anybody can tell me how to keep the vids from overlapping on the right side, please do so! Youtube doesn't offer a smaller version in their embedding codes :(


anebruntabs said...

Awesome vid, so funny! :)

I think you can fix the overlap of the youtube video by changing the CSS code. Go to layout > edit html and play around with the CSS. It might be this one:

#main-wrapper {
width: 600px;

Add a few pixels and that page column should get wider. Otherwise try one of the other bits. :)

Karina said...

Ooooh that worked! Thank you!!!

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