Jan 7, 2010

gifts anyone?

For me that is! With one bread winner and a family of almost 6 to clothe and feed, Sander and I haven't even had the audacity to think of things we would like to have. There were simply too many needs that we were getting a bit behind on. But this is the internet, Sander is at work, the girls are at school, Max is quietly playing... and it's time for me to dream a little, right? Also I read somewhere that expressing and visualising things you want helps to actually achieve them, so here goes!

For months now I have been dreaming of sewing. I would just love to go out and find nice fabrics and make them into all sorts of fun things we could actually use around here. A new apron, a school bag, a duvet cover, perhaps even a sweet little summer dress. I keep wanting to personalise the mainstream items I've bought at cheap stores like Zeeman or Hema or Wibra, by adding a border or some appliques. I never do because I get so discouraged at the thought of having to sew things on by hand! Well, I can handle a button, but you know. So my first item of desire is a SEWING MACHINE!

The number two on my list of serious wants has to do with the fact that I will actually have a decent size outdoor space to sit in this year when the weather turns a bit nicer. I saw it online a few months ago and went berserk with desire to buy one on the spot... it just looked SO colorful and comfortable and and and... just PERFECT! I'm talking about a hammock chair!

I mean seriously, how wonderful would it be to have one of those on our sunny roof terrace and sit and swing in it a bit while nursing a newborn?

I'm feeling so naughty letting you all in on this, it's wonderful.
So next, and lastly (for now! I might have to do this more often) here is one more item I desperately want. I don't so much want it for myself even! It's something I think the kids would go nuts about, and would look fun in their room. Ready? Here it is:

A TeePee! Yay! Obviously I wouldn't add the laptop for the kids, but I wouldn't mind having one of those either (wink wink)... but wouldn't this be so much fun for them to have their own little pow-wows and secret stashes of STUFF in?! OK maybe I secretly want it for myself too and I might just play in it a bit more than they do when they're at school.... sssshhh.

So in conclusion: I mainly wrote this to get it out into the universe and hopefully get the wheels turning to actually making these things appear in our home this year... BUT, if you're feeling extra generous, I wouldn't mind supplying you with my address and phone number after you've left a comment. Ha!


Kip said...

Sewing machine, cool.
Sitting hammock, brilliant.
A Teepee... ehm, well, it just reminds me of a Sex voor de Buch episode...

Anonymous said...

Nice things to wish for. Those are achievable. You didn't wish for a car, a dream vacation or a new house. Shows the kind of person you are Karina and for that I am sending you a new house and car. lol

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