Apr 12, 2013

rainbow bright

Here's another little something I knit recently. This silk/cotton yarn was the first yarn I ever bought that wasn't cheap acrylic from the Zeeman. I bought it at this delightful little shop in downtown Den Haag called Woool. I used it to make little baby booties for little baby Bidjai just before we emigrated, and then it emigrated right along with me to this house, where it has been sitting in my yarn cupboard just waiting to be turned into something fun. Well, it waits no more and is now worn by Lara and Julia when they are feeling like brightening up their outfit by a lot.
Rainbow Hat Rainbow Hat  

On a side note, I'd like to share something amazing with all you language nerds. Check out this list:
  1. Business of Ferrets
  2. Labor of Moles
  3. Mustering of Storks
  4. Shrewdness of Apes
  5. Gam of Whales
  6. Smack of Jellyfish
  7. Host of Angels
  8. Fusillade of Bullets
  9. A Baptism of Fire
  10. Quiver of Arrows
  11. Tissue of lies
  12. Murder of Crows
  13. Unkindness of Ravens
  14. Dule of Doves
  15. Clowder, Cluster, or Clutter of Cats
  16. Kindle of Kittens
  17. Mute of Hounds
  18. Pass of Asses
  19. Ostentation of Peacocks
  20. Team of Ducks (when flying)
  21. Paddling of Ducks (when on water)
  22. Trip of Goats
  23. Sloth, or Sleuth, of Bears
  24. Charm of Finches
  25. Hill of Beans
  26. String of Ponies
  27. Hand of Bananas
  28. College of Cardinals
  29. Shock of Corn
  30. Band of Men
  31. Knot of Toads
  32. Wedge of Swans (when flying)
  33. Parliament of Owls
  34. Superfluity of Nuns
  35. Abominable Sight of Monks
  36. Untruth of Summoners
  37. Doctrine of Doctors
  38. Damning of Jurors
  39. Sentence of Judges
  40. A Rascal of Boys
  41. A Gaggle of Women
  42. A Gaggle of Gossips
  43. An Impatience of Wives
  44. A Tabernacle of Bakers
  45. A Poverty of Pipers
  46. A Fighting of Beggars
  47. A Neverthriving of Jugglers
  48. A Herd of Harlots
  49. A Worship of Writers
  50. Hastiness of Cook 
I ask you, how great is that??? A business of ferrets? A tissue of lies? A SUPERFLUITY OF NUNS! I love it, and I'm keeping this handy right here for when I need to reference it.

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