Apr 2, 2013

hippity hoppity, happy easter day

Because of the beautiful weather and the cuteness of the children and the brightness of the Easter colors, I couldn't help myself with the camera and took an obscene amount of pictures. I now present you with a 'small' selection. Seriously, this is like a fourth of what I actually have. Somebody stop me. The sequence of events was as follows: Hunting for the eggs - eating everything inside the eggs - running around on a sugar high and getting spun/thrown around by Andrew - dog piling on Sander. Enjoy (heaven knows we did!).
DSC_7438p DSC_7447p DSC_7463p DSC_7515p DSC_7600p DSC_7573p DSC_7454p DSC_7456p DSC_7466p DSC_7468p DSC_7472p DSC_7471p DSC_7476p DSC_7474p DSC_7484p DSC_7521p DSC_7553p DSC_7490p DSC_7499p DSC_7491p DSC_7492p DSC_7520p DSC_7619p DSC_7623p DSC_7624p DSC_7606s DSC_7586p DSC_7561p DSC_7562p DSC_7582p DSC_7550p DSC_7508p DSC_7540p DSC_7592p DSC_7555p DSC_7477p DSC_7634p DSC_7556p DSC_7613p

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