May 31, 2012

survival skillz

It's the last day of May. My kids don't even believe me anymore when I tell them it's not officially summer yet.To them summer is no school and heat, and we have both... so I don't try to fight them on it anymore. The crazy month of June is on our doorstep and the last thing I need is more fighting! Especially considering Elliot seems hell bent on driving me to infanticide this morning. This little guy, I tell you... when he gets his mind set on something, or wakes up in a bad mood? There is no fixing it. Well, unless you give him a bag of m&m's (you think I mean those kiddie sized ones don't you? Cute.) and set him free in the park to run off wherever he sees fit. I shouldn't even have vocalized that because now I'm tempted.

The three months have begun. Triple the time, triple the fun, triple the crazy. We're not planning anything huge as Sander doesn't have a ton of vacation days yet this year, and our house in Holland seems determined not to sell which putting us in a tiny financial pickle. Nothing major, so long as we stay in the parental basement... but I don't think anyone will be surprised when I say that's not anybody's preferred course of action right now! I mean, we're totally comfortable here and we're all getting along... but a family of six needs their own space.
So, how do I plan to survive the summer? Or wait, I can phrase that more accurately. How do I plan to have my children survive the summer? I plan to not worry too much. I plan to stay on top of housework. I plan to be outside a LOT. And I plan to keep exercising because Lord knows, I am in need of those endorphins and the extra energy. Of course I also plan lots of little fun excursions and extra things to do with the kids. There's Lagoon, the Dollar Theatre's weekly kid's film (only $10 for the whole summer!), the Dinosaur Park, Treehouse Museum, the Splash Pad, Children's Museum in SLC, the Waterpark, etc etc.
There you go, my plan of action. Nothing shocking, nothing too invasive, but hopefully it'll see us through. Any other ideas/tips/ways to tie up a small child are all greatly appreciated!

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