May 2, 2012

Incredibly repetitive and Terribly loud

Alrighty. They may be awful quality, but I have some pictures to go with this blog, even though the pics don't have anything to do with the topic I'll be dealing with today. When we had a heatwave a little while ago, pretty much every single day was spent outside - either at the park, the playground, or the backyard. In the yard we put up a little pool for the kids to splash around in and cool themselves off, and these handy and colorful plastic chairs in exactly their size.
Now, what I would like to talk to you about today, is Elliot's vocabulary. He has his own, erm, style. How does one describe it? I think the following four words pretty much cover it: 
and Loud.

The actual span of his vocabulary is the following:

I! = both hello and goodbye
NOOOO! = oh heck no/ it ain't happening.
No = maybe
Dleh = I would like a drink, please.
DLLEEEEHH = I would like a drink NOW please. 
Hewwo? = leave me alone, I'm playing telephone.
No no no no (usually accompanied by the shaking of his index finger) = this is MY slide/toy/chair/house, get away from me.
Mammie? = Mom and/or Dad, I want to ask you a question and whatever it is going to be, just say yes and I'll go on playing.
Mammiiiiiieeeeeeeeee! = Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa/Random Stranger, I am so glad to see you!
MAMMIIIIEEEEE!!! = Anyone who can hear me, get me out of here because I'm stuck.
MO! = Feed me another bite now before I commence Siren Wailing
Na = sure, if it makes you happy.
Pees? = why do you keep saying that?
The two other forms of communication Elliot knows of is 1) repeatedly smacking you until you pay attention to him, 2) sticking his (sticky/cold/slimy) hand down your shirt to let you know he is ready to cuddle.
Since Elliot is coming up on his 2nd Birthday, I'm hopeful that the means of communication will start to improve soon.. although, for a guy with such little words, he sure knows how to get your attention and let you know what it is he needs and wants. Until then, he's pretty darn cute no matter what he's saying.

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