Apr 20, 2012

imminent updates and MUSIC!

Whoa, Blogger dun gone and redun themselves... It just took me 15 minutes just to find the 'New Post' button! Good thing I'm a fast learner (once I'm done being confused for a really long time) and the events of the past 6 months should show you that I do not fear change, so it's all good. 

I have so much to talk about, and I have been slacking in the blogging department, mostly for the lack of photographic evidence of all the events and experiences I want to tell you about. I have the pictures, I just can't seem to get them from the camera onto the computer just yet, which makes me sad. And patient, I suppose. So today I want to do two things.

First, I want to share a list of all the aforementioned (my autocorrect keeps wanting to change that to 'air conditioned') things I want to share on the blog. Here goes.
  1. The Gym. 
  2. Elliot's talking progress.
  3. Movies I have recently seen.
  4. An Education (nothing to do with the movie of the same name, because if it did it would have fallen under 3, duh).
  5. The LDS General Conference.
  6. Houses.
  7. Bathing Suits.
  8. Easter Egg Hunts
  9. Funny Walmart Sign
  10. Amazing weather & yardwork.
  11. Antelope Island.
  12. Kid's Yoga.
  13. My recent knitting projects.
Second, I have GOT to share my latest music finds, because I am so excited about them. I've been listening to each and every one of them a ton (I feel like I'm totally cheating on Sander with Spotify) and they make me happy. Very, very, merry and happy. So check them out, and hopefully they'll do the same for you (though I think you would have to be a soulless, joyless sourpuss to not feel positively affected by these tunes..).

1. Mikhael Paskalev

2.White Label - Stolen Voices
This album of remixed voices sounds like an apple pie and ice cream party in the garden in July.

3. Gary Clark Jr.
This is one of those musicians/bands that I feel stupid for only finding out about now - you've all probably been listening to Gary for ages. But just in case you haven't... you need to listen to this. Especially if you enjoy music from the likes of The Black Keys or Jimmy Hendrix.

4. Jonas Alaska
You might recognise the male backing vocalist on this one - it's Mikhael from earlier! I'll let you figure out for yourselves how I may have come across the enchanting Jonas Alaska. Thank you Mikhael.

5. Mirel Wagner
So dark and haunting. So beautiful.

6. Alabama Shakes
YES!! This is what the world needs more of! These guys and especially this girl have got it going on with their soul, attitude, and honest lyrics. Some really really great songwriting here, can't wait to hear more from the Shakes!

I believe that about covers the most important ones for now! I suppose I could also tell you about the overwhelming girl crush I recently developed for this chick...
(skip the first 90 seconds or so, unless you really love to listen to guitar tuning, in which case, enjoy all of it. You freak.)
.... but seriously, don't get me started on that. Sigh.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Hope you all are planning lots of fun in the sun like we are!

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