Jan 14, 2012

On a jetplane

Finally I'm getting my photos uploaded and edited! First of all, here are the pictures to go with our travel story. The day we left looked like this:

The last get-togethers with close family and friends:

And finally, the big day. Being waved off at 6am, goodbyes at the airport, and that long, long, long flight.

... but finally, after all the ear aches, walks down the aisle (of the unromantic variety), droopy chicken dinners, cat naps, and lots and lots of Dean Koontz... we were suddenly there. I love flying into big cities at night, with all the lights. It really feels like coming home to a born and bred city slicker such as myself. For some reason I only have one picture of us at SLC airport, so here you go. Oh, and many, many more photos are ready and will be uploaded with their accompanying stories soon. Some of them are real whoppers.

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