Sep 12, 2011

we've come a long way, baby


All the cliches apply: 'Time flies when you're having fun', 'He's worth his weight in gold,' 'Actions speak louder than words', 'It takes two to tango', 'Never say never', and 'Laughter is the best medicine'. Someone who is still with me after riding my roller coaster for 10 years simply deserves a medal. I mean, we were kids when we got married! And yet that moment when I said 'yes' when, after only 3 months of dating, he got down on one knee in the sand and (with a rather surprised look on his face - no planning was involved) he asked me to marry him, is the surest I have been in all my life. Sander, I love you more.

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Andrew & Marissa said...

Wow, has it been 10 year already? time really flies when all is well and happy :) Congrats on this amazing milestone, I am so glad you two found each other. We can't wait to celebrate your next anniversary with you in person!

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