Sep 5, 2011

knot so knitzophrenic

Tell me when the 'funny' knitting post titles start being too much, k? I've not been knitting as much as I should have. Do I feel bad about this? Of course not! I've been crazy busy running a busy family, keeping Child Protective Services happy (Max ran away a while ago and was found by the police... don't ask), adapting to the new school year and Sander's new job, and getting ready to emigrate. Hellooooo, I dont have TIME for guilt! This weekend however, my stress levels pretty much maxxed out, and I picked up the ol' knitting again. The following picture really just says it all.
It's the truth. I'm working on a beast of a gift project right now and it saved me last night. I know the person I'm making it for reads this blog, so I can only give you a little sneak peak... but I promise you that when this monstrocity is finished, there will be a big reveal here on the blog!

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Anonymous said...

You're right, I did read this ;-)

Blue and purple monster YaY !


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