Sep 6, 2011

mid-laundry song

As you can tell from the stacks of clothes in the background: I was busy folding laundry.
Laundry - my nemesis.
I watch movies while I fold laundry because it's the only thing that makes it bearable (that, or folding it together with someone while talking) and sometimes when I watch cheesy movies I feel like singing. Today was one of those times. By the way, last night Sander and I saw a movie called 'My Girlfriend's Brother', or 'My Boyfriend's Girlfriend', or 'My Shitzu's Second Cousin Twice Removed' or whatever, starring Alyssa Milano (that should tell you enough right there). Please trust me when I tell you that under no circumstances whatsoever should you ever watch this film - it's bad. Anyhoo, here's a song for you. An old favourite of mine, and probably of everyone who has ever heard it sung by the immortal Patsy Cline: You Belong To Me.

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