Apr 8, 2011

unexpected treasure

Today has two themes. One is that I seem to be constantly late, and the other is I am finding unexpected treasure all over the place. Example number 1:
 I merely glance into a second hand bookshop while walking over to the supermarket, and my eye is caught by 3 books lined up in the window. One by my favourite author that I haven't read yet, another by someone I've read before and found very interesting (judaism fascinates me to no end), and a third by a writer I have recently been turned onto and have been wanting to get my hands on so I can bring him up to the roof with me and read in the sunshine. Total price paid? Seven euro's. Score.
Example number 2:
Maybe not so much of a treasure, but definitely some unexpected window decorating going on around here..
Treasure number 4 arrived by mail a few days ago:
My not-so-little brother Mike sent me the best early Birthday present ever: a condenser mic! I'm so excited to finally have some decent equipment to get recording with, I really want to get more into music and work out a bunch of ideas that I have, and this is going to be such a great help for that. Thank you Mike, you're the best!
And last but not least:
Finding out your daughter can clip her own toe nails is something a mother treasures. That's another job off my to-do list.

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