Apr 23, 2011

out came the sun...

... and out the Koots went to their favourite sunny hang-out: Strand 10. Much sand was consumed, tans were acquired, extremeties were numbed (the North Sea is still freeeezing cold), but mostly a lot of fun was had. Only downside: all the people who bring their dogs and let them run around so they scare my children, try to steal my food, and poop on the beach where my children are playing. If you cannot control your dog, keep it on a leash!!
To top this beautiful day off the girls had their friend Naomi spend the night. I remember being that age, and having friends sleep over, and how long we would stay up talking and giggling. I remember my parents having to come in once or twice to tell us to go to sleep, so I knew to keep my expectations low about them going to bed on time and getting a full night's sleep. That said, when they were still performing circus acts at 11pm, I had to play my trump card and threatened to take Naomi home. Naomi smiled at me, but Lara and Julia grew instantly serious knowing that I do not make empty threats.They finally went to sleep.

On a more serious note: The sun might be out in the sky but I haven't been feeling very sunny. I'm starting to think I go through some kind of chemical/hormonal thing about 9 months after I have a baby that causes feelings of depression. Only took me 4 kids to figure it out, I'm so smert. Anyway the reason I mention it is a) because I want your sympathies and hugs and b) because I want to apologise in advance if I seem recluse (I tend to hide when I feel like this) or don't do a very good job being a friend/wife/mother/human being. It honestly takes so much out of me simply to keep the house running, and the kids unaware of what I'm going through, that I have little to no energy left for anything else. So I'm sorry, but bear with me and I'll be my 'sunny self' again soon enough.

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Lab said...

Yes! Yes! I will hug you :-)

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