Apr 18, 2011

can you believe i nearly forgot the title?!

Sander took me to see the enchanting Eefje de Visser in concert last night at the Rotterdam venue RoTown. I think I've mentioned my crush on this girl before. Seeing her live has only confirmed what I was secretly already certain of: the lady has serious talent. One of those artists that, after hearing them play live, you kind of never want to put on their record again because it just isn't as nice as the real thing.

It was also a rare night out for Sander and I and we may have been so filled with glee to be able to leave the kids with sitters that we forgot to let them know Elliot still needed milk before bed. The amazing Loek and Emily deserve an honourable mention for getting him (and the other three) to bed!
 Rotterdam is quite a lovely city. We got there a bit early and walked around and I saw all sorts of interesting stuff. Then I ate an ice cream.

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