Oct 9, 2009

where the girls will be

Now you've seen what the girls' room is like now... I thought I would share with you some inspiration as to what I envision their new room to be like.


Plenty to think about as you can see. Apart from the rainbow across one wall I think we'll keep the room white this time, or maybe even a really light powdery blue that could be continued on the ceiling for the clouds. Should be somewhat easier on the cheaters! The room will of course still have plenty of colour. I would like their beds to really pop with a vibrant, multi-patterened spread or quilt. Also whatever we decide on for a closet in there will have to be a fun shade. Maybe yellow. I really love the lanterns in the last picture, so I'll have to figure out a way to get some of those in there. Oh and that bird mobile in the first picture, LOVE that. Think I might attempt making one myself, perhaps with felt birds. Plenty to think about, and that's just one room!

Next up... the dining room!


Anonymous said...

Yes karina it looks like you have lots to think about. Those rooms look great. I think you should become an interior decorator....um...er.....after you are finished having babies


wendy and sammy said...

I'm just amazed by how creative you are Karina!! And I'm very excited to see what the rooms of the girls will look like when finished. Till then: good luck and fun with this big project.

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