Oct 3, 2009



The Halloween box came out of hiding today! We have ghouls, pumpkins, bats and witches hiding in every corner waiting to jump out and say BOO!

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Anonymous said...

Your crocheted mushrooms are great. Can you do a killer pumpkin with blood on its teeth for request? Lol. Nah, as long as the kids are not in their teens I suppose you'd better stick to the friendly smiling ghoulies.

Are kids going 'round the houses where you live? They do over here, with me sitting in front of our house with my gas mask and black coat on. Waiting to see which of the neighbourhood kids dares to enter my premises!! But the reward is sweet of course.

Bought some Halloween items on my trip to London last week, as stores are just loaded with pumpkinish goodies compared to what's on offer in NL.

Together with the stuff - both dead, half-dead and alive :s - that the kids took back from our long walk through the woods yesterday, it makes a smashing Autumn display (yes, we have one too!)


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