Oct 7, 2009

as promised

Remember I mentioned crocheting a present for Marissa's new baby girl? She finally received the package and that means that the pictures can come out of hiding and be revealed! So without further ado... here they are:



I added tassles to the shawl before sending it over, and there was also a little hat that I made with leftover yarn from the jacket, that I seem to have no picture of. Next step: getting pics of Ella wearing it!

Then I have some more Julia news. She is still not feeling very well, but yesterday she was apparently feeling good enough to steal a pair of scissors and go at her HAIR with them! A huge pile of blonde locks were left on the floor as a sad reminder of what her hair used to be like. She had a little obsession with cutting her own hair, because this is not the first time she's done this! Her hair used to be like this

Then the first scissor incident occurred and that was the last I ever saw of her curls.. this is what she was left with after I did some damage control on it:

Then it grew back out to this

Which I could just get into that braid I made a few days ago... I was so happy she was getting the length back. Sigh. But now! Now my little Julia looks just as lovely as ever with her new and quite fashionable bob:

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