Oct 22, 2013

so, San Francisco was pleasing

Once upon a scorching August my husband was sent to a nerd convention in San Fran, and I got to get on a plane all by myself and join him for the last few days of the adventure. Highlights? Why yes:
- I got to get on a plane all by myself.
- We found Indonesian food and ate it until our bellies could take no more.
- The hotel staff assumed I was a lady of the night.
- access to the hotel's executive breakfast suite.
- wandering around the breathtaking De Young and Legion of Honor museums.
- seeing friends we hadn't seen in a good number of years.
- finding a hidden beach near Davenport and getting salty water all over me.
- riding random buses by myself and getting lost.
So this might be a bit of an adjustment; there are no pictures of children attached to this post, and because I'm more of an art fanatic than I tend to let on on this here blog you had better brace yourself for lots of images of art I enjoyed at the aforementioned museums. 
DSC_0771p DSC_0773p DSC_0775p DSC_0782p DSC_0785p DSC_0786p DSC_0789p DSC_0792p DSC_0797p DSC_0801 DSC_0809p DSC_0812p DSC_0817p DSC_0821p DSC_0827p DSC_0884p DSC_0912p More SF pictures to follow (and trust me when I say there's an abundance of more).

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