Oct 23, 2013

SF art: sculptures

Click through to my Flickr photostream and view in lightbox to see these at their best. Next time: paintings.DSC_1801p DSC_1807p DSC_1851p DSC_1811p DSC_1810p DSC_1785p DSC_1759p DSC_1737p DSC_1029p DSC_0963p DSC_0931p DSC_0958p DSC_0921p DSC_0917p DSC_0916p DSC_0903p DSC_0888p DSC_0887p DSC_0877p DSC_0875p DSC_0857p p DSC_0858p

1 comment:

adriaan and sherry said...

Toevallig ben ik in dat zelfde museum geweest. Maar jouw foto's zijn fantastisch.

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