Aug 26, 2013

music monday

It has been waaaaay too long since this happened! And it's not for lack of amazing music, TRUST me. It is for lack of summer sanity. Although that might not be an entirely viable excuse since I think I haven't been doing music Mondays since a while before the summer... sadface. Now, I can't promise they're going to be back entirely, but I wanted to at least throw you a bone and give you something to gnaw  (I just had to retype that word 3 times, apparently it's a tricky one) on. Sink your teeth into THIS, music fans:

1. Shakey Graves - Late July 
Sometimes I come across someone I seriously suspect of having sold his soul to the devil. Meet the insanely talented Shakey Graves. Who plays guitar like that anymore? And writes songs like this? And wears suspenders?? If you have the patience, listen to the entertaining story of how he got his name. If not, just skip to about 2:00 to dive straight on into the music.

2. Cory Chisel - She Don't Mind 
This is simply a beautiful, beautiful song. Cory was pointed out to me by a friend who accidentally saw him in concert. I wish more of those accidents would happen to me!

3. Lorde - The Love Club
Currently a favorite of the kids' to play in the car. I also love the songs Royals and Biting down, go have a listen! I'd also like to note that this New Zealand native is just 16 (!) years old and writes all of her own songs. 

4. Michael Prins - Blackbird 
Sander and I have been watching a Dutch singer-songwriter contest as it aired over the summer, and have fallen for Michael Prins and his rootsy, haunting, and highly emotional songwriting. His voice just kills me with its combination of control and grit. It didn't surprise us one bit when he ended up winning the contest. That said, a more than honorable mention goes to Maaike Ouboter, who was our other favorite for making everyone who hears her song 'Dat Ik Je Mis', cry. Now get your headphones, close your eyes, and let mr. Prins rip your heart right out. I promise you'll enjoy it...

5. The Staves - Winter Trees 
The sisters' big hit is the song Mexico, but I really fell in love with The Staves when I heard this live rendition of Winter Trees. Their voices are so pure and attuned to each other, a perfect harmony that seems reserved for people who share genes as well as history.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing those beautiful songs. Hoping that we will see moore Music Monday in the future...

Here a little something for you in return:

Karina said...

Thanks anonymous! Those are both great. I only saw your comment today, didn't mean to ignore you all this time. I've been saving up some songs to share, so look for a new Music Monday soon ;)

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