Mar 4, 2013

first sun = first hike

We usually try to have some fun plans for our Saturdays because, quite frankly, if we don't plan ahead we tend to spend the entire day watching DVDs and playing video games. Sometimes that is just the ticket, but usually is just leaves us feeling a little empty. Last Saturday we made a plan to have a leisurely morning, and then go see Rise of the Guardians at the dollar theater which Lara has been asking us to go see because she has a crush on Jack Frost (oh I remember the days I got crushes on animated characters! Prince Eric, anyone?).
DSC_7314p DSC_7313p DSC_7315p DSC_7311p
After the movie we would maybe grab some lunch, in case we weren't maxed out on popcorn, and attend the Dr. Seuss Birthday celebration at the library. But when we exited the theater we were nearly blinded by the brightest sun we've seen all year, and some very agreeable temperatures, so we made a spontaneous family decision to go check out the Waterfall Trail and try and hike it as far as the snow and Elliot's little legs permitted. That turned out to be a good hour, during which we all removed jackets, got soaking wet feet, threw about a million snow balls, and enjoyed beautiful views. Because the Waterfall Trail is quite broad and only slopes slightly for the first two thirds or so, it was very doable despite still being completely covered in snow. That said, be careful on the descent because slipping and sliding is nearly inevitable, as Sander found out first hand. Nothing cures a sore and wet bum like some Farr's Fresh ice cream though!
DSC_7324p DSC_7334s DSC_7326p DSC_7322p DSC_7357p DSC_7361p DSC_7352p DSC_7330p DSC_7333p DSC_7358p DSC_7356p DSC_7349p DSC_7341p DSC_7369p DSC_7371p DSC_7374p A very enjoyable way to spend your Saturday indeed!

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