Mar 2, 2013

and then I made some balls

Pinterest provides women with the biggest challenge fathomable: to pick and choose from an endless, envious sea of available, supposedly tried and tested, wildly different, ohmigosh-totally-life-changing recipes, arts+crafts, outfits, hairdos and ways to decorate your house pretty much to death. I actually think a lot of the challenge lies in seeing the reality behind all of this apparent beauty: a bunch of utterly human, struggling, hard working (well, maybe not the ones who pin a thousand items a day) women, who are already beautiful. I guess I shouldn't exclude the occasional man braving the glittery estrogen waves of the Pinterest waters, but really, they are as of yet too few and far between to dwell on.

So. I am one of these women. And I have a little mantra I recite every time I head on over to what has become my third most visited website in record time (the only 2 above it being my email account, and Facebook). I tell myself something I read in a study a while back. The study was performed by a Pinterestress much like myself, only I suspect slightly more intelligent, organized and eloquent. She researched why women don't fall into a pit of self loathing each time they visit Pinterest. Why women don't become completely and utterly overwhelmed with all the things they want to do but will never in 77 lives have enough time to complete (at least not if they don't want their attempts turning up amongst the quite hilarious Pinterest failures featuring the subtext "nailed it"). It is because looking at beautiful things in a browsing fashion calms the female mind.

There you go, it's therapeutic. It helps us produce serotonin. It's like having a good gab with your besties, getting a relaxing massage, eating a decadent piece of dark chocolate, or (most accurately) window shopping for an afternoon. Only there's nobody there to interrupt you. See the appeal? Definitely start worrying if you have replaced all of the above with your pinning, though.

Anyway, this was a rather long winded intro to get to the point of why I started writing this blog post. One afternoon a few weeks ago, I recited my mantra (I am going to calm my mind for a few) and came across balls. Brownie balls that don't require baking. Or flour! Or sugar!! OR GREASE?!!?! The previous pinstress promised, with that lunatic excitement that seems privy to Pinterest, that 'ohmigosh these will totally change your life!!', at which point I was about as skeptic as I could be. So I decided to give them a try.

May I present to you the results of my endeavors.
DSC_7107p DSC_7110p DSC_7113p
Were I to pin these I would add the words 'ohmigosh these taste kind of like brownies though not completely but kind of like brownies that are a little off but not in a ridiculously bad way but still enough to keep them sitting in the fridge for a week untouched'. Yeah, I hear punctuation is not allowed on Pinterest.

In case this little rant inspired you to come check out what this Pinterest hoopla is all about and (dare I say it?) make some balls of your own... may I suggest you click on my Pinterest link in the sidebar, and allow me the pleasure of becoming your faithful follower?

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