Mar 7, 2011

you thought they got me didnt you?

Never. We were just on a bit of a Mexican bender this past while, I'll spare you the deets (which is Annoying for details) because they're too gross, and me not wanting to talk about it should tip you off that it's really too disgusting to put into words. Besides, I don't want to relive it, I just want to bury it in the past and pretend none of it ever happened.
 Poor kids suffered the worst. They kept tricking us into thinking they were all better and then SURPRISE! Not really better after all! Speaking of surprises... I am having suuuuuch a hard time not talking about this top secret project I'm working on. It's turning out better than I thought it would (I really have little faith in my own abilities it seems) and I want to show you! I bet you're all dying to see it too, but you'll have to wait two more weeks... hang in there.
So what can I tell you about? Well I can tell you that Elliot now is the proud owner of 3 teeth, or that Max is starting to want to keep his diaper off, or that we watched a few hundred episodes of Criminal Minds and that I was knitting during most of them. I feel cooler about knitting when I watch serial killers being hunted down, I may have mentioned this before. Also, I learned a few new bad jokes, got a new pair of glasses (they're HUGE! Pictures soon I promise) and watched a movie that went straight into my top 10 favourite movies ever: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.
I've also been digging lots of new music as of late so expect a Music Monday sometime at the end of this week.

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