Mar 21, 2011

another musical Monday

Feast your ears on a few discoveries I've made recently!

1. The Living Sisters are Eleni Mandell, who previously shared the LA Weekly best songwriter award with Elliot Smith in 2003, Inara George who is also an accomplished solo artist as well as half of the bands 'Bird and the Bee' and 'Merrick', and Becky Starck, who sang the role of Margaret on the Decemberists' latest album. Excited about this trio yet? They just so happen to do a cover of a favourite oldie of mine...

2. The Carolina Chocolate Drops. They learned music from an 80-year-old fiddler named Joe Thompson, who played on his porch after a day of working the fields. They then decided to form a band, take his traditional music, make it their own, and pass it on for a younger generation to enjoy. I enjoy.

3. Neal Halstead's voice is incredibly soothing to me, and what can I say, I'm just a sucker for a good beard.

4. Last and definitely least: me! I recorded this song recently and put it up on youtube, and I figured I should put it on the blog. One day I'll get some proper recording equipment and get over my fear of writing music, one day...

Have a lovely Monday guys n gals.

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