Mar 12, 2011

the knitty gritty (ha ha)

I've been talking about how I'm still knitting and crocheting quite a bit and today I figured I'd add some walk to that talk. Of course I've been crocheting for years now, but the knitting is pretty new. I learned the basics as a child from my grandmother but it recently began with the ravelry website and hundreds of seemingly incredibly simple youtube how-to's. I cast on my first project, a seemingly simple vintage pattern for a baby pixie hat, and from then on I have not been able to get knitting off my brain.
 In the first place literally because the pixie hat went horribly wrong and turned out so big I have to wear it (Lara uses it as a play hat now). In the second place because I'm brainwashed. I wake up in the morning and literally the first thing I think about is all the things I could knit. Did you know you can knit on circular needles? Or on 5 double pointed needles at the same time? It's very intense. I've been trying my hand at all of it:
Little infant beanies.
This last one is my top secret project on my beautiful new bamboo douple points. I know it makes it slightly less secret, revealing the yarn I'm using, but it could still be anything. When I'm done with this project, I'm making the exact same thing for myself, I like it so much! 
I've also been combining my knitting these past few days with episodes of Mad Men. Good golly that show is beautiful isn't it? And the dialogue is priceless! For instance: 'Try not to be intimidated by all this technology (pointing at a typewriter). It looks complicated, but the men who designed it made it simple enough for a woman to use.' I also love it because the decorating looks like my grandparents appartment and I miss that place, and them, a lot.
Alright, I haven't knit in 30 minutes, gotta go.

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