Aug 23, 2009

pink chair!!

OK are you ready? Here is the before shot:
Dull, brown, old-fashioned... in short: everything I'm not. But lo and behold with a little bit of love and a whole lot of 'DON'T TOUCH THAT CHAIR, IT'S WEEEET'..... I give you: 
The Pink Chair!! *HAPPY* Doesn't it just look good enough to eat? It was a bit of an ordeal to get it to look this way (tip: don't buy oil based primer and water based paint) but I really love the result. I reupholstered the seat using loverly Ikea fabric that just so happened to feature all of the colours I wanted to use for the chairs. One down, three to go. I've already finished painting two others actually (green and yellow) but need to finish the seats, so expect more yummy pics soon. Oh an here is what I look like when painting:
On to a different subject: I do not like selfish people. Not one bit! Alas I have to deal with them every single day. I have therefore decided to start countering their nastiness with a benign radiance that I'm sure will just knock their annoying selfish socks off. I will give you a practical example. Yesterday my family and I were doing our weekly grocery shopping. It was Saturday and this particular shopping center has very little parking available. As we drove over we all had silent prayers in our hearts pleading for a spot, any spot, it didn't even have to be near the store... really! Well, our prayers were answered, but we didn't feel too smug about it. Some very selfish person had that decided his or her car deserved extra space so we had to squeeze into
this spot:
So you can imagine what I did! YES! I put on my happy face and decided to express my feelings in a kind, and uplifting manner to our parking-neighbour by leaving a jolly little note. 
I will translate for all ye who do not speak Dutch. 
It says: "Thank you for your wonderful  s p a c i o u s parking!"
Ah, between this act of kindness and my pink chair, the world feels like a better place.

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