Aug 22, 2009

Introducing Max

Meet the newest addition to our family. Granted, he's not *that* new anymore to us, now 15 months old... but he's new to this blog (as many other things in our life are after almost 3 years of no updates!). First to Sander: SORRY about posting the pic with the bow in his hair.. I didn't do it, no really I didn't, but i giggled at it and think this is the cutest recent shot we have of him.
We don't feed Max.. Max feeds himself. He is constantly rummaging through trash, and crawling over (no he doesn't walk yet) to whoever is closest to us at the park/beach/playground/anywhere and looking cute and starving and he always hits jackpot. A piece of stale bread under the sofa? YUM. A cracker from nice lady at Ikea? YUM. That raw stringbean mom dropped on the kitchen floor while cooking? YUMMMM! I don't think you ever see this kid not eating something.
In other news: we are expecting a major addition to our house later this year, which means a lot of things.
One of those things is that we can start using our current bedroom as what it was intended to be: an en suite dining room to our living room! I have major plans for it! For instance this and this... but also a huge table surrounded by different chairs in vibrant colours. I've started painting some of our chairs today (I'm covered in primer!) and will upload pics of the before and after next time!

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