Aug 31, 2009

love on the bicycle path

While riding my bicycle the other morning over some of the many many wonderful bike paths Holland has to offer, I encountered something that put the biggest grin on my face. Not just my face, it made my heart smile! (did that just give you a disturbing visual? Because it did for me.) I took pictures, have a looksee:

Someone sneaked around the night before I imagine and wrote these song lyrics (I recognized all of them!) on the bike path with sidewalk chalk for a special someone they knew would cycle down that path the next day. I say we give this romantic a round of applause for creativity and excellent taste in music!! Perhaps an idea for husbands who who have trouble thinking of spontaneous romantic things to do for their spouses? (not mine though, he's GREAT with stuff like this, love ya honey) Or an excellent way to propose!

I have several crochet project going at the moment. One is a folksy granny square afghan, another is a pillow case and yet another is a hoodie for my sister's about-to-be-born baby girl. I finished Max' first homemade scarf for this fall/winter today using this here tutorial. Should I add tassels or would that be too girlie? How about sewing a few colorful assorted buttons along the bottom ends for fun? Leave as is?? HELP me make up my mind please!

FYI: I folded it in half to be able to get the whole thing in the shot... just in case any of you were thinking 'she sure uses odd dimensions for a baby scarf....'.


Anonymous said...

I think you are the true romantic karina
I am sitting here trying to think of the titles to which these lyrics appear and for the life of me don't know. I am sure you will remind me next time we talk

wendy and sammy said...

Hey busy mom! May be a picture of a car or something like that on one end of the scarf? But it is beautiful as it is.

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