Mar 14, 2014

sorry Elliot...

Just found this little gem and thought it deserved sharing. This was taken a bit over a year ago in our previous home. We had set up an extra table to accommodate Christmas dinner and I remember so clearly how mad Elliot got at being refused a treat before dinner. He sat under that table and wailed for a good 15 minutes, hissing at any and all attempts at consolation. It angered him so much when I got the camera out and started snapping his priceless faces in a sliver of gorgeous afternoon light, instead of getting so frustrated at his hoopla and giving him the candy he so desired. I'd like to take this time to say sorry to him, and express my hope that one day he'll understand that when you have a little boy who is just so darn adorable even when he's having a conniption, sometimes the only available option is to immortalize the moment!DSC_6743p

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