Mar 31, 2014

music monday!!

Tell me something, please. No, I really want to know what kind of world this is where the following videos get as few views as they do, instead of going viral all over the digital place?

1. Julia Easterlin - Go Straight Away
If I had known about Julia Easterlin before my own Julia was born, I would have proudly proclaimed that she is who I named my flesh and blood after. Listen to some of her other songs. With nothing but her voice and a loop machine she does a Pixies cover that is creative genius, and a version of Bjork's "Unison" that makes me tingle oh so pleasantly. She is clearly made of music. It is in her bones. And she'll get into your bones, if you're smart enough to let her.

2. Caroline Smith - All That I Know Is
This chick has got so much soul, it doesn't seem fair that she's THAT gorgeous as well. You're welcome, boys.

3. Grace Banks - Innocent When You Dream
Some of you might know what a huge Laura Marling fan I am (really, I'd marry the woman if it wasn't immoral and illegal). I can't say that I've come across a single female musician who seems to hold the same quiet power and innate talent for writing beautifully crafted music and lyrics, until now. Grace, I'm excited to find out what your future in music holds - I'll be paying attention.

4. Little Barrie - Free Salute
Summer jam, anyone? Mmmmm.

5. Beck - Unforgiven
Ummm, hello! The new Beck album is so smooth and mellow, it's like taking off work for no reason on a stormy Tuesday and going to sit by the seashore to watch the tides roll in and out. I think this is my favorite track, but not by much.

And may I take this moment to plug my own most recent addition to YouTube? A slowed down cover of a fun oldie. Hope you enjoy! (bonus: I look like I'm about to have explosive diarrhea in the still...)

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