Feb 26, 2013

what happened to february?

I'm not completely sure how just about an entire month rolled by without a single blog update. I suspect, though, it had something to do with the flu that has been raging through our house, the completely impossible to put down books I've been reading, and the fact that I've been obsessively knitting myself a cardigan. In an attempt to get things back up to date, I have posts scheduled for the next few days... so keep an eye on this place if you're interested.

Today, I begin with the celebration of my nephew Karsten's Birthday party. I was here when Karsten was born, and I can hardly believe that when I'm talking about something that happened a year ago, we were already living here. My memories are filling up with warm and beautiful moments spent here in the US, and it is slightly dulling the ache of all the wonderful people and places I miss so dearly back in Holland.

Karsten had quite the start to his little life. Marissa had placenta praevia and had to undergo a high risk c-section well before her due date. But Karsten was healthy and beautiful and received wonderful care at the hospital, allowing him to return home with his parents after just a little wait. He's been the cutest thing ever since, and we all love him to bits... and he has the biggest eyes I have ever seen! Happy 1st Birthday Karsten!
DSC_6889p DSC_6886p DSC_6887p DSC_6867p DSC_6871p DSC_6876p DSC_6874p DSC_6896p DSC_6894p DSC_6923p Poor Ella was quite ill during the party, which gave us a good excuse to have a delicious snuggle with her.
DSC_6908p DSC_6914p Can you tell us girls are happy to be reunited?

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