Feb 27, 2013

utah winters

When we arrived here last year we were a little underwhelmed with these supposed crazy winters Utah offers. Tales of people getting stuck in blizzards, roads closing, actually being snowed in... it all seemed a little exaggerated.

Turns out last year was an unusually mild winter, and the winter of 2012/2013 is making up for it in spades. We have officially never seen this much snow in our lives! Because we live in a little valley, all the roads coming in or going out of our neighborhood are quite steep. So we have been snowed in for days at a time, we have driven through blizzards (In the dark! Scary!!), and we have seen roads closed off because it was too dangerous to pass over them. So we take it back Utah. Your winters are impressive and cold and white and quiet (that dulling of all sound that happens after snowfall - wow, love it) and we will never doubt you again.

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minipurl said...

Simply beautiful :)

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