Oct 9, 2012

turn, turn, turn

This is my first ever experience with Autumn in Utah and I think I may have found my favorite season. Watching the mountains catch fire from all the turning leaves on the trees is absolutely magical. The temperature is cooler but still incredibly pleasant during the day, and cold enough for woolly socks, slippers and to have a cup of tea and the heat on in the mornings. Halloween is around the corner and scary decorations are popping up all around, causing the children to 'ooh' and 'aah' everything we travel somewhere. Yes I think October might be my favorite month yet!
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I took all of these pictures during a hike up to Waterfall Canyon, at the top of 29th street in Ogden. The first time I hiked up there was with the girls over a month ago. Everything was green, and we were sweating like animals because of the heat. This time I took Max, and we were greated by every autumn hue imaginable, and some very chilly air, especially at the top! We had such a good time. I really recommend this hike if you have a little boy: it's not too long, and they'll love all the climbing involved.
We have definitely fallen a little bit in love with our Utah surroundings!

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