Oct 24, 2012

creative bald spots

The first Utah snow has come and gone without me being able to snap a picture of it. The boys have been staring out the window all morning and, at one point, Max tried to sneak outside in his footie pajamas to make a snowman. I can only imagine how exciting new snow must be to a little boy. Unfortunately for them I woke up this morning feeling not all too well so we were confined to the house, and watched the snow melt away slowly all around us. I think it must have been out of frustration and boredom that Max then decided to take a pair of scissors to Elliot's hair, and getting creative. 
Good thing I bought clippers not too long ago... Poor Elliot is scared out of his wits of the sound those things make, so it'll be a challenge to get his 'do' fixed up. I don't want to deal with it just yet, so instead here are some things I have been keeping busy with since last week.
There you have it. Knitting baby hats for charity, reading, and trying not to be too freaked out by the Halloween decorations pretty much sums it up. Oddly the kids aren't scared of them at all... except maybe Elliot when we get ready to leave the house. He knows our door mat holds a certain creepy surprise, and refuses to step on it nowadays. I'm not sure we can even get him to trust a door mat again. We can't wait for Halloween, starting this Wednesday with our church's Trunk or Treat. Other things we're excited for include Mike arriving at the airport tomorrow, carving pumpkins, and celebrating Sander's Birthday on Sunday. Good times ahead!

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