Mar 27, 2012


Yesterday we all headed out to West Valley to attend baby Karsten's blessing. He was wide awake for the whole thing but didn't make a peep... and then slept clear through the remainder of church. Someone deserves a good baby award. We had already spent time together on Saturday, enjoying a loverly barbecue in the sun with banana split desserts, but Sunday was the main event. I can't tell you how good it is to finally be around for all the important family events. Seeing the kids running around my sister's home with their cousins, and my husband be a part of the blessing circle are small things that mean so, so much. Also, I just love visiting different wards and branches in our church. It is so funny to see how they are all different, yet all the same. The lessons in their ward were so good! I especially enjoyed the Sunday School one because of the teacher, who had the most awesome radio voice I have ever heard. I kind of want to record him reading books. Have I ever mentioned that I have a major thing for being read to? I totally do, and I wonder what childhood event brought it on, but I digress. Check out the fam, being all cute and candid and windswept.
Congrats May Family! Thanks for letting us party all day long with you, it was the best!

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