Mar 30, 2012

secret heart

Have you ever secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) wished that a truckload of presents would arrive, all just for you, ready to unwrap and enjoy? Like Christmas on steroids? That's what it felt like for us when our shipment arrived last week. We arranged a storage box and met the truck there late last Thursday afternoon. Before we knew it the two hardworking drivers (one was tickled to know we were Dutch, because he had had a Dutch girlfriend he had been very fond of) had everything unloaded, checked, and stored in our box. Obviously not the first time they were doing this. Then they left, and it was just us and our 'presents'. 

I hadn't seen these things since early December and going through them box by box resembled something like a Birthday party, and coming home after a long vacation mixed together. Our beloved huge, warm, fluffy bedspread. Max' Buzz Lightyear doll. Our computer (decent blogging access once again!). Books. Journals. All of my sheet music. And lastly, and probably most enjoyable to me, my guitar. I was so excited to see her that I took her out of her case immediately and started tuning her up, and broke a string. I was still excited. Just holding her again, feeling her cool, curvaceous body in my arms, got me itching to caress her strings and make sweet music together once again. Haha, sorry.... Didn't mean to sound like a bad romance novel there and make anyone nauseous. I just feel strongly about my guitar, okay?

So yesterday I got her restrung. I'm still a novice at stringing guitars, having only ever done it 3 times before in my entire life. I realized quickly that the way I did it the last time made getting the old string off a total pain in the buttocks, so I put the new ones on differently. Thirty minutes later we were ready to go... and go we did. I played my little heart out for 20 minutes and had to stop to keep my fingertips from bleeding. Ugh, I forgot all about callous build up. But I couldn't let that stop me in my tracks completely. It had been way too long since I posted anything to youtube (I actually lost 6 impatient subscribers! Sadness!) and I was determined to get something recorded. I rested my throbbing fingertips for a few hours, and later that night, in the quiet of the evening time when children are soundly dozing in their warm beds, I sat myself and my guitar down in front of our computer. I proudly present you with our united efforts (mine, the guitar's, the children's for being quiet, and Sander's for staying out of the shot). Haha, Elliot just ran up and smacked the keyboard, resulting in that period ending the previous sentence. Nicely Done EJ, nicely done. Anyway, here is the video!

 ::pretend crowd going wild::

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Mooi zeg, Karina!

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