Feb 14, 2011

on cage fighters and frolicking

This weekend couldn't have been more awesome if a tub of butter had been added to it. Friday night I went to a movie with Liz (Green Hornet 3D, it was funny) and we sat and talked in the McD afterwards and felt slightly stalked by the dude who works at the American Bookstore. Saturday morning I was in Leiden with Ilona and we unexpectedly got to drink tea at Ribanna's house, for which we were grateful. That afternoon was spent frolicking in nature with Ken and drinking more tea, which was served by a cage fighter who kept eyeing Ken to make sure he finished his sammich. Ken says he didn't hear it but I swear I heard that scary man whispering 'love my huge sammich or suffer my wrath'. Upon returning home Sander and Liz were waiting to bake cookies and watch movies and on Sunday I slept all morning and clear through church. I also had a killer migraine, but I'm going to leave that bit out and selectively only remember the sleeping in. I also spent time knitting and watching my husband clean up (most favoritest activity ever) after having left him alone with the children all day on Saturday. Do I need to add any more reasons why this weekend was so great? I think not. So here are some pictures taken on the nature walk, and I bid you a happy Monday.

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