Nov 15, 2010

all is well, all is well.

I know I've been a little MIA but I promise all is still well around the Koot house. Here's a little overview of what has been happening around these parts in the past 2 weeks:

- We had an awesome Halloween! We celebrated most of it on Saturday. Liz came over and we baked and decorated sugar cookies, built a fort to keep safe from ghosts and ghouls, did weird makeup and stayed up waaaay past our bedtime watching movies. Paranormal Activity 2 isn't half as scary as the first one (which is a very good thing since the first one had me sleeping with the lights on for weeks) but Sander managed to get spooked anyway and heard weird noises all night.

 - St. Maarten was commemorated at school last week. The children all walked around the neighbourhood with their homemade lantarns singing and singing songs. Traditionally you put a candle out by the window when you want the children to knock on your door and sing you a song, which you reward them for with a piece of candy. At the Wonnebald they take the children by 'stations' where someone has been dressed up and is waiting for them to pass to give them a piece of fruit and listen to their songs. 

- Last Saturday Sinterklaas arrived in Holland and we were at the very front of the line to welcome him back. The kids were dressed as little Sinterklaas's, and waved enthusiastically at the steamboat as it glided past us and into the harbour. After seeing him come in on the boat we went to find a good spot to watch the parade go by with all the Zwarte Pieten and Sinterklaas on his horse. Of course the kids set their shoes by the back door that night with a carrot for Amerigo, tangerines for Piet, and drawings for Sinterklaas. They were rewarded with toys and treats. Everyone loves Sinterklaas!

- Pictures of Sinterklaas will have to follow in another post because another bit of news it how absolutely awful our internet connection has been lately. I don't know if it's our provider, our router, my computer or what, but it's driving me nuts! It keeps cutting out right when I'm about to upload something, or need to check my e-mails. I seem to remember being married to an IT-specialist though so hopefully my problem should be solved relatively quickly.

- I can't stop reading books, aarrrrrgh! Expect a tip-list soon.

- I got stalked. Does this mean I'm finally famous?

- We had a lovely dinner at TexMex with Liz and she and I went to the movies afterwards. A lady with scary red makeup tried to steal our m&m's. 

- I'm learning to play Eva Cassidy's version of 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore'.

And finally a little song for you to make you feel happier when the winter darkness is getting to you ;)

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