Aug 9, 2010

music monday V1.8

Let me start this post out by saying thank you for all the great feedback I've received on the short story I posted last time. I'm not quite sure how that story happened, and I'm still a bit scared to read it back (nope, I haven't actually read it since writing it). I sat down at my laptop, intending to write a post about something entirely different and this came out instead. And when I say it came out, I mean it poured out. My fingers started typing something that was inside of me and I couldn't stop until I suddenly saw the story had come to an end. That whole experience was odd in itself, but to then go and hit the 'publish' button is still what mystifies me most. Even though the story isn't really autobiographical, there are of course large portions of my own feelings in there and certain details stem from reality (the name and make of the car for instance, Lara named our car 'Sandy' one day), so I feel very exposed having put that story out there for anyone to read. I know I write all sorts of things on here and share many pictures and sentiments and opinions, but I don't often really really bare my soul, and that is a scary thing to do.
I know I'm not a writer by nature. Even though that story flowed out of me with relative ease, it was an draining experience and I was worn out afterwards. Still I have received really sweet responses and uplifting critiques, and I thank everyone again for sending them my way either by commenting on the blog, on Facebook, via e-mail, on the phone or in person. Don't expect it to happen again soon! It's not what I intended the blog for and it's not something I often do outside the safety of my personal diary.

Now let's get to the music!

1. Elbow - Mirrorball (Peter Gabriel cover)
This band has a serious talent for covering great songs and making them just as great, or in some cases (in my humble opinion this is one of those cases) even greater.

2. The Deep Dark Woods - Charlie's (is coming down)
The album version of this son is also awesome, listen to it here. I prefer this more naked version though, the violin is beautiful with it. I seem to be enjoying the violin a whole lot as of late..

3. St. Vincent with Andrew Bird - Black Rainbow
I think that if I were a man, I would be seriously in love with this girl. Lucky for me I am a girl, so I get to be seriously in love with mr. Andrew Bird.

Enjoy, and dont forget to share any tips you might have!

Sometimes Lara steals my phone to take pictures with it. Among the dozens of blurry shots of her feet or the tv, I sometimes come across a little gem:

Last week of summer vacation, here we come. Let's hope for just one more day of beach weather for everyone to enjoy. Try not to get sick like all of us did last week.

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