Jun 10, 2010

a quick update...

... before anybody starts to think I've died mid-labour or something. So here's the deal as of today:

1. We are still waiting for baby to arrive. The midwife stripped my membranes yesterday (on my due date) to hopefully help things along but so far to no avail. I'm still feeling pretty good, even though it's obviously incredibly tiring to have the body of a walrus with 3 other kids running around needing lots of attention. My main reason to want him to come sooner than later right now is basically that I don't want his and Max' birthdays to be too close together (Max was born on June 19th...). And I just want to meet him!!! And cuddle him!! AAARGH

2.  I need Milky Ways. Don't ask why, just bring me Milky Ways.

3. Max did his fainting out of anger thing again on Tuesday... luckily he was already lying down when he passed out so another bump was avoided. Temper, temper. 

4. I saw a movie called 'Ghost Writer' in the theatre and thought it was good.

5. It's been ridiculously busy in the news here in Holland. Joran van der Sloot (what a fine Dutch specimen), the elections (I voted Christen Unie, so sue me), and all those sports! Holy cow. I had a good time watching as much of Roland Garros as I could (yes, I'm a tennis fan), and am now enjoying the Queens tournament... but mostly just can't wait for Wimbledon to begin. And let's not forget the soccer World Cup! I really should take a new picture of our square.... it's blindingly orange. 

6. I might have to have a stay-at-home-mother rant on here soon. All those in favor say 'yay'. 

7. Lara has decided on a new name for the baby: Michael Jackson. 

That's pretty much the most important stuff. I hope to return bearing baby pictures next time I post!

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May Family said...

ok that picture is freaking me out...

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