Dec 9, 2009

What you've always wanted to know...

about my neighbors.

Directly below us we have the Turks. Papa Turk leaves his sneakers right outside his door and the smell makes everybody who wants to go into our house nearly puke. Mama Turk (I mean no offense by calling them by these names, this is just what we call them as we don't actually know their names) is pretty and she likes to clean... a lot. She is also pregnant at the moment. They have two boys that like to greet us from their living room window whenever we come home or leave. They do so by sticking up a certain finger... Some kids in the neighborhood won't knock on our door because the Turk boys scare them. They also have regular loud fights late at night which we try not to listen to but sort of do anyway because it feels like our own private little soap opera.

Below the Turks there lives an old lady. By old I mean probably about 68-ish. She can't seem to decide whether she loves or hates us. One time there was a bad storm and Sander's bicycle was blown over against her car. This happened while we were away. We came back to finding his bicycle in the middle of the street, all crooked and broken from having been run over by a car what must have been numerous times. She has proudly admitted to doing this. She complains about Sander showering at 6.30am. She loves that our kids go to a Waldorf school because hers went there as well. She is also very happy for us being able to have this work done on our home to make it bigger. She sent us a little note once saying that despite our differences, she wishes us well. Then one of the construction guys dropped a brick on her flower pot and cracked it (the flower pot, not the brick) and she wishes she had never written the note.

Next to us we have a single least I think he's single since I've never seen him with a girl, ever... but then I hardly ever see him either. We sometimes accept packages for him when he's not at home and he sometimes picks them up, and that's about all we ever see of him. He seems like a nice guy?

Below Single Guy live the newly-weds who are in their late 30s and have two children. He seems to be really into sports and I think she is really pretty with her long wavy blonde hair and bohemian outfits. Lara plays with her daughter Jill sometimes, who is a year older than her. I locked myself out of the house one time (of the many) with Max still inside when he was a little baby and they let me use the phone and hang out at their place until Sander showed up. I was shocked at how their home seemed so completely alien to her... nothing bohemian about it, a bit white-trashy even? Strange.

Below the Older Newly Weds live the Younger Newly Weds who don't have children. She works at a children's daycare centre and has offered to babysit our kids sometime which made me instantly love her. I don't know very much else about them. That's city life...

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anebruntabs said...

Awesome blog post Karina! I LOL'd pretty hard at the Turks and the old lady. That's what having neighbours in Holland is like. :-D

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