Dec 3, 2009

Eating in...

... is something that we'll be doing with a LOT more pleasure in, oh, about 90 days time! Take a look at my inpiration for our 'new' dining room (which is currently used as the master bedroom).

Allow me to list the things I like about each picture:
- the yellow cabinet in picture #1
- pretty plates mounted on the wall in #2
- LOVE the color scheme in picture #3
- #4: the lamp and the rustic feel
- Really like that green on the wall, but maybe for a different room than the dining room... #5
- pictures #6 & #8: We've already decided we want a tree mural on the long wall, and I definitely want it to be black, or maybe a deep dark brown. I thought I could put little nails in the wall on different branches and put birds/easter eggs/fall leaves/christmas ornaments on there depending on the season!
- I really love the color accents and that piece of oriental looking art in #7

Plenty of inspiration as you can tell! Of course I already have those brightly coloured chairs that will have to work with whatever I come up with... but I'm sure it will be fine!

I can't believe it's already December 3rd! Can't believe it, but am very relieved it is because it means I am officially out of that yucky first trimester and starting to feel like myself again. A welcome change...
So guess what's happening in in 2 days? I'll give you a hint:

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