May 22, 2005

Movie Madness

Yesterday was a really nice day. The sun was out, temperatures were up and we had no important business to attend to, so we could actually go out and enjoy the weather. Mom, Liz, Sander, Lara and I went to the Wassenaar town centre because when mom used to go there back when a lot of american church member lived in Wassenaar, she was always able to buy american groceries that weren't available anywhere else in Den Haag. Sure enough we found a supermarket that sold some good stuff: Baby Ruths, Kraft Mac&Cheese, Froot Loops, root beer & etc.
Wassenaar is where all the rich (and some of the famous) people live. Even our Prince Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima and their daughter Amalia all live in Wassenaar. It's a funny vibe walking through that town centre. We overheard some interesting conversations on topics such as plastic surgery, hockey practice and 'where DID you buy those darling designer boots??'. We had fun :) We even took pictures by a Wassenaar Windmill:

Wassenaar Windmill, May 22nd '05 Posted by Hello

Lara by windmill, May 22nd '05 Posted by Hello

That evening Liz decided she wanted to take me and Sander out to the movies. Sander had been dying to see 'Kingdom of Heaven' because he thought it looked a lot like Lord of the Rings (he could trace any random thing back to LotR if he tried....), so that's the movie we saw. Us girls are happy when Sander is happy, lol! It was really good actually. Perhaps a few too many fighting scenes for us chicks, but I personally really liked the moral of the story: different religions can live together in peace as long as they respect eachother. Too bad there's those rotten apples in each religion that try their best to make that peace impossible. Another thing that's too bad: having 3 'grown' men sit in the row behind you, laughing and talking loudly through every single kissing scene. It reminded me of a particular Biology class I had in high school. Those guys were teenagers though.... I guess some never grow out of that stage.
After the movie we got some McDonalds, and it's about then that the Madness began. We suddenly couldn't stop acting like a bunch of retards! We even have photographical proof. I must warn you though: it's quite shocking and weeeeiiiiird. Here goes:

Retards #1 Posted by Hello

Retards #2 Posted by Hello

The horse on the right is me. I don't remember who came up with the idea of making weird faces while keeping our eyes closed, but the idea was born and so was the picture. Perhaps it was the combinations of going to the movies and eating fast food afterwards... anyway, sorry you guys had to go through that, muahaha!

Good news: Dad put up gates on the stairs so Lara can walk around safely without one of us having to keep a constant eye on her!

Lara Locked in! Posted by Hello

And for everyone's entertainment, here is a picture of Lara and Robert Bolke in the Blom-Mobile, with mom in the back ground:

Cool chick Posted by Hello

More Madness next time!

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