May 16, 2005

It works!

The 'Koots' in Schotland, April '05 Posted by Hello

Welcome to the Koot Blog!

I FINALLY got one up and running that'll let me add pictures to my stories, to make them slightly less boring. Yay!

Hopefully you guys will enjoy the blog, and feel free to tell me to change stuff if you think it could be improved (I can't promise I'll listen, but it's worth a shot).

Latest News & Updates:

Sander: Now 25-and-a-half years old, he's keeping very busy with school and work. He works 24 hours a week for a company called 'VTL' in the city of Alphen aan de Rijn. He's also studying to become a teacher in Social Studies and really enjoys school. At the moment his schoolnights are Tuesdays and Wednesdays (the nights change each semester). On April 28th, Sander surprised Karina with an extremely romantic dinner on the top floor of a parking-garage here in The Hague, to celebrate the day we met 5 years earlier. He got the people from Qpark to give him the entire 14th floor for the whole evening so we could dine in private, overlooking all of Den Haag all the way from Scheveningen to Rijswijk. He even cooked a yummy 3-course meal!

Sander, July 2004 Posted by Hello
Karina: As you probably all know, I'm almost 24 and very pregnant with my second daughter. She's due on August 5th, but I have a sneaking suspicion she might stay 'in the oven' a little longer than that. I feel pretty good (except for this horrible cold I'm having at the moment... but that'll pass) and am very much looking forward to meeting this new little girl. In the meantime I enjoy taking care of Lara, the sweetest girl in the world! Other news: I finally passed my driving-exam a few weeks ago! I am now an officially licensed threat to the road and I'm thoroughly enjoying all the freedoms having a drivers license brings.

Karina with headphones, Feb. '05 Posted by Hello
Lara: Lara will be 18 months this June which means she'll (finally) get to attend the nursery at church! Apart from a cold now and again, she's a very healthy and content little girl. Her favorite words include 'die!', 'Gigglegigglegiggle', 'Boooo', 'Doei', 'Bad', 'Uh-oh' and 'Nee!' (these are mostly dutch, so they might not mean what you think they mean, haha). She loves to dance to the 'Schnappie'-song and pull out the pig tails I just spent 30 minutes putting in her hair.

Lara 16 months Posted by Hello

That's all for now, folks!

-- Karina --

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