Feb 4, 2014

what i learned...

from taking the girls out on a little winter location photo shoot:

  • if you do not tell children to wear socks in their boots, they will not assume that 'going to take pictures in the snow' might mean cold feet.
  • there is a reason a photographer is not also the make up artist - once you've finished primping and prepping your models, you have effectively also finished your energy reserves.
  • freezing temperatures make for silly conditions to try and create a staged backdrop
  • all piles of snow and bushes are created equal. We really did not need to walk that long to get to a good location for a nice wintery setting, in hindsight the backyard would have probably sufficed .
  • I must never assume that my models will understand intricate directions such as 'don't put your foot in that fresh snow in front of you', or 'move your chin down just a little'. 
  • Any photo shoot that involves children and lasts longer than 3.42 minutes, is too long.
  • Late afternoon and snow all over makes for some stunning natural light bouncing around everywhere!
  • the absolute best way to conclude a photo shoot with professional models such as these girls of mine, is by going for a warm brownie a la mode and a huge slice of cheesecake with strawberry topping.
  • I have the most beautiful daughters in the world. Okay, I didn't exactly learn that while taking their photos last Saturday, but I was sure reminded of it. I love those two girls, mainly because they are even prettier on the inside.

And now for the results of all this education!
DSC_3630crop DSC_3676p DSC_3709p DSC_3698p Feb1

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Lars Jongste said...

T koste blijkbaar wat moeite maar het zeker mooie fotos geworden

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