Nov 4, 2013

SF art: paintings

This post takes care of the art aspect of our trip to San Francisco - my favorite paintings at the two museums we visited. There was one more that actually made me break down and cry a little as I stood and looked at it, but the photo I took of it doesn't reproduce the emotion the original evoked in me. Not even kind of, so I decided to leave that one for what it is; an experience. All that is left to share now are the sightseeing snaps!
DSC_0832p DSC_0855p DSC_0881p DSC_0914p DSC_0871p DSC_0909 DSC_0960p DSC_1757p DSC_0841p DSC_0948p DSC_1765p DSC_1745p DSC_1772p DSC_1818p DSC_1846p DSC_1777p DSC_0890p

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