Jul 24, 2013

parade time

I've been neglecting the blog despite having a lot to blog about, so now I have to play catch up. First up: the South Ogden Days parade. This was the first parade we attended as Americans last year so it felt a little poignant to be attending it a year later. I don't think we can say we 'just moved' here anymore.DSC_8559p DSC_8608p DSC_8601p DSC_8615p DSC_8595p DSC_8529p 
I've seen a few different parades now and I think the South Ogden parade is probably my favorite. It's small scale and more local businesses, but it's not very crowded, candy is thrown in abundance (worst is the Ogden Pioneer Day parade - we brought bags for nothing!) and, because it's the earliest of the summer parades, it's not too hot. Later that day we went to the fair and watched the fireworks just like last year. This time Max was old enough to stay up and join us on rides, which made his year.

Next up: Elliot and Max had a Birthday!

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